Clipping osm with material

@thanks kring

(this is a continuation of If osm has a material, then Cartographic Polygon is invalid · Issue #822 · CesiumGS/cesium-unreal · GitHub)

:+1: thanks for letting me know it worked! That material looks really interesting, can you tell us a little more about what you’re doing there?

我找到了你给我的那个材质,看到他关于glft部分裁剪时使用的是ML_CesiumGlft这个Matrial layer,于是我复制并创建了自己的材质



English translation from Google Translate:

I found the material you gave me, and saw that he used the Matrial layer ML_CesiumGlft when he clipped the glft part, so I copied and created my own material

Then replace ML_CesiumGlft with my ML_Glft.
Then my ML_Glft is as follows:

It would be better if you could use multiple building textures based on other parameters entered, or randomly replace TextureObj

Very nice, thanks! In our next release in May, it will be possible to access metadata properties from Materials. Unfortunately this new feature won’t (yet) work with Cesium OSM Buildings because it uses a not-yet-supported extension called “Batch Table Hierarchy”, but it works well with cities from CityGML, for example. I hope to make it work with Cesium OSM Buildings soon.