CZML and 3d building

I’m using the following czml to load a 3d building onto the map

   "name": "Redwood Hospital Model",
   "id": "Model Test",
   "parent": "4853",
   "position": {
     "cartographicDegrees": [

the problem I am having is the building moves based upon orientation. I expected it to stay at that location but if you pan or tilt the camera it goes sliding off. Am I missing a few properties or am I not setting something right?

I assume you have terrain enabled? Currently most data types in Cesium, including models, don’t take terrain into account. The 0 height you specify is in reference to the ellipsoid, not the terrain ground. So the building is being drawn partially underground but not obscured, hence the parallax effect. This will be addressed in a near term release of Cesium. The only workaround for now would be to bake the height of the building into your CZML file to already take terrain into account.

Hi Matthew,

Could 3d building be displayed on the terrain appropriately now? Thanks~

Matthew Amato於 2015年6月10日星期三 UTC+8上午1時24分50秒寫道:

Hi Ming-Che,

Buildings clamped to terrain are not yet supported, but will be part of our 3D Tiles work. See