CZML with dynamic description?

Somehow I am not getting my head around how to make the description of an entity in my CZML dynamic so that it automatically updates the InfoBox.

Is this not supported by Cesium, or didi I just take a wrong turn somewhere.

My naive expectation was that if I replace

“description”: “some text”


“description”: [


“interval”: “2014-05-31 21:50:35Z/2014-05-31 21:50:43Z”,

“data”: "some text "



“interval”: “2014-05-31 21:50:43Z/2014-05-31 21:50:53Z”,

“data”: “some other text”



for my path which visualizes nicely, the InfoBox would update automatically with the moving timeline.

Any help is appreciated,


The correct syntax is to use “string” as the property name within the intervals.

For example:

“description” : [{

“interval” : “2012-08-04T16:00:00Z/2012-08-04T16:00:15Z”,

“string” : “first”



“interval” : “2012-08-04T16:00:15Z/2012-08-04T16:00:30Z”,

“string” : “second”


Thanks, Scott!

It was actually something else, as I just discovered – I knew I tried ‘string’: I didn’t add the TZ offset, so the interval was outside the availability. :confused: