Is anyone out there using Dart to talk to Cesium?

I’ve got a project that uses Dart to talk to WebGL directly, and I’m considering moving it over to Cesium. I’ll do stuff in Javascript if I have to, but given a choice I’d much rather stick with my Dart code.

If you’ve already headed down the Dart interop path for Cesium work, I’d be interested in hearing your experiences…


Hi Michael,

I’m not aware of anyone using Dart with Cesium, but we’d love to hear your experience if you give it a try.

The only interop projects I can think of are for gwt and iOS (port).


For what it worth, right now I’m just wrapping a single Dart class around a bunch of Cesium functions that I need and it’s working fine.

Down the road, I’ll likely drop it down to provide 1:1 correspondence between the JS functions and the Dart wrappers, but unless there’s a way to do automated discovery of the JS APIs it’ll have to be hand-rolled and limited to those functions I actually need.


A gwt wrapper would be very cool as well. :slight_smile:


Dennis, there already is: http://richkadel.github.io/cesium-gwt/

Here’s a guest blog on it by the maintainer, Rich Kadel: http://cesiumjs.org/2014/11/03/Developing-Cesium-Applications-in-Java-with-Cesium-GWT/

As for Dart, I don’t know much about dart wrappers but I imagine it’s a very manual process. An open source project that attempts a 1:1 mapping might be a good way to crowd-source the problem as people could just open pull requests whenever they need to add a new wrapper or two.

How cool is that!
Thanks for the link Matthew!

Will definitly give that a try.