New Cesium GWT Wrapper

Hi all. cesium-gwt not updated two year, not full API functional, used old GWT ant etc.
I create new wrapper based on JsInterop for GWT 2.8.0.
Features can read in github -
I hope this will be interested for community, and for those who lead the development and use of a great product CesiumJS =)

p.s. Sorry for my english

Glanced at it briefly, and it looks nice! I’m currently working on replacing the GWT client I had that used Cesium with a modern Javascript client, but I’m sure there’s others that would still be interested in using Cesium and GWT together.

GWT is lower level lib, and they may use with GXT, VAADIN, Smart GWT and etc.
I use my lib (gwt-cs and gwt-olcs) with GXT, coming soon i share rich web map application

Maybe someone who uses GWT Wrapper of Cesium (gwt-cs) will be interested:
Example how use gwt-cs for write low level functional:
### DrawInteraction features:
- Pure java (Based on JsInterop wrapper without any JS code)
- Based on Cesium-Drawhelper (But on GroundPrimitives)
- Free hand mode (Shift pressed)
- Two markers type - PointPrimitive and Billboard (Canvas image)
- Draw works on EllipsoidTerrainProvider and other TerrainProvider's
- Dynamic colours style and marker styles
- Start and End draw listeners