Cesium-GWT 0.2.0 Released, with animated 3D models (glTF), CZML, GeoJSON, and many new API features


Just a quick note to let you know I've posted a major update to Cesium-GWT: Release 0.2.0. Check out the updated demo page here:


More information on this release can be found on the GitHub site:


Also note, this new release now depends on another GitHub project, JsFunction-GWT:


JsFunction used to be part of the Cesium project, but I've completely overhauled it and extended it to support a number of JavaScript-to-GWT-to-JavaScript function reference use cases. The library is now independent of Cesium, and it is also being used in my OWF-GWT library, which may be of interest to anyone working in the DoD or IC, both of which use OZONE Widget Framework extensively. Their open source library can be found here:


Here is the OWF-GWT site, if anyone is interested in creating widgets in GWT with full Java support for OWF channels (pub/sub), Intents, and Widget Proxy method calls:


Congrats on the release, Rich! Once again, thanks for this community contribution.