GWT wrappers added on Github

Thanks to @richkadel from Harmonia Holdings Group for adding the Cesium-gwt wrappers to Github.

I'm very excited to let you know I've posted an update to cesium-gwt and upgraded it to Cesium 1.0! I'm even more pleased to note that Cesium's recent releases actually overcame several issues I had had to work around or hack in the past, and cesium-gwt's latest release is much cleaner, smaller, and more consistent with both Cesium's capabilities and API as well as with what typical Java developers would expect from an API.

cesium-gwt is still only a small subset of the Cesium JS APIs, but there's enough done to give others a good pattern for implementing additional wrappers as needed.

Please check out the samples at and the running demos of these samples at


Nice! I was hoping someone would do that :wink: Thanks.