Date/Time in EXT_Structural_Metadata?

In EXT_Structural_Metadata there is support for many types (like int, float, double, boolean, matrix, vector3) but what about date/time? Are there plans to add datetime support? Or do we have to use one of the existing types (like unix time stamp)?

There is no predefined type for dates or times.

This has been considered during the development. Some … yeah, longer, brainstorming-like discussion about a potential timestamp type is e.g. in Alternative to `type` and `componentType` · Issue #595 · CesiumGS/3d-tiles · GitHub

There are many possible different representations for time stamps (and even just differentiating between a “time” (like 12:34:56) and a “date” (like 2024-01-02 … or 2024-02-01… or 01-02-2024… ) can be difficult)

Of course, you could just use a Unix time stamp (if you could decide between 32bits and seconds or 64bits and milliseconds), or a ISO 8601 string (if the more complex storage and parsing overhead does not matter). But this was a level of semantics that the EXT_structural_metadata did not go into. You can store date and time, but have to choose a representation that makes sense in your application.

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ok clear thanks