Deploying cesium JS web app - recommendations


I’m currently working on a 3D web application using Cesium JS, with the intention of combining React/Resium for my research. For evaluation purposes, I need to deploy the web app temporarily. I have the choice between Azure Cloud and Amazon AWS for deployment, but I have encountered mixed reviews regarding both options.

I would appreciate any recommendations regarding the best option between Azure Cloud and Amazon AWS for deploying a Cesium web application. Additionally, I am also interested in knowing which platform would be easier to learn for someone who is new to web deployment.

Thank you for your advice in advance.

Hi there,

Either is compatible with a CesiumJS and React tech stack.

At Cesium, we mostly use AWS. But we’ve seen many CesiumJS app deployed on Azure Cloud as well.

Thanks, Gabby. Is there any blog or tutorial on cesium web app deployment?

@Gabby_Getz it would be great to make a small sample using rollup or esbuild, parcel since the webpack is in a archived state.