DeveloperError: Expected width to be greater than 0, actual value was 0 Error

What can I do to avoid such a phenomenon when I load 3Dtiles, a lot of computer memory, and a headline - like error.

Hi there,

I’m not sure what you mean by a headline-like error. Do you have a stack trace or image of the error?

To use less memory, you can set the tileset maximumScreenSpaceError. Setting it to a higher value should load the higher level of detail less frequently.




The following is an error shot:

Added: I’m using the uncompressed cesium.js code for version 1.41, memory from 4.6G to 13.4G, followed by the above error 。


Try the following settings:

maximumScreenSpaceError : 32,

skipLevelOfDetail : true,

immediatelyLoadDesiredLevelOfDetail : true

And leave the others at their defaults.