Dijit Dialog Box


I would like to implement a dialog box with dijit into my Cesium app and got a bunch of errors. After searching the forum I found this posting. Unfortunately when I do exactly like advised in the answer I get “Uncaught Error: irrationalPath” for file “Core/defaultValue”.

I use dojo 1.9.3 with Cesium 1.2

Any ideas and suggestions are very appreciated!

Thanks in advance for your time and effort,



Typically Dojo throws this error when there’s some mismatch between the baseUrl and the locations in the package configuration (which are relative to baseUrl) such that the package can’t be found.

Re-check your dojo configuration carefully. baseUrl is relative to the html file itself (when using tlmSiblingOfDojo: 0).

I checked and the changes I described in the linked posting still work (after changing the Dojo version numbers in the URLs to 1.9.3 which is the version currently in the Cesium repository)