Display Orientation Body Vectors as Vectors

I have been searching around all morning trying to determine how to display an Entity’s body axes as vectors in Cesium. I have the body vectors defined in global coordinates, and it seems that it should be relatively easy to just draw a line from the entity’s position in the direction of each of the three body vectors, with some length. However, I don’t see a straightforward way to do that. I have looked around in Sandcastle and searched these forums, and I don’t know the best path forward.

I see the concept of “Vector” in this CZML documentation, but it also says it is a plugin, and I don’t see any reference to something like this in the Entity API documentation:

I also looked into cylinder objects with a cone at the end (to make an arrow), but that doesn’t seem to be a very efficient way to do this.

My entities are satellites, and they have sampled position properties which represent their orbit data over time, but I’d only like to show the body axes at “time now”. This is essentially what I’m trying to create:


Would love to specify these in CZML also, if possible.