How to show Cesium Entity Reference Frame

I was wondering if there is way to show an entity’s, particularly a satellite reference frame vectors (the basic x, y, z). A picture is here for an example:


Thank you for the detailed post. A little bit more information might help me better answer your question. What kind of an entity are you referring to?

I suspect that if you go through the documentation, your entity likely has a member variable revealing a Cartesian3 that shows the reference of your satellite. From here, you should be able to draw a Polyline, for instance, to reveal the reference frame in the Cesium viewer.


Hi Sam,
Thanks for the support. My entity is a satellite, it is extracted from a CZML file loaded in as a promise.


You are welcome - thank you for providing some more details! :confetti_ball:

Have you had the chance to look into my previous suggestions? Could you maybe share a sandcastle demo of what you have so far? This might help me get a better idea of what progress you have made.


Hey Sam,

I will work on your suggestions. For now, I am using the Cesium inspector as a workaround (since it has a way to show the reference frame of specific entities).

Thanks for the support!