Displaying my CyberCity 3D data to clients

Please send me to the right link if this has already been discussed but I have searched and cannot find an answer.

I am currently trying to create a Cesium example together which can show my CyberCity 3D data (in ESRI Filegdb forma) to potential clients. I have got to a stage where I can render the data on a globe but am at a complete loss as to how other features are rendered and cannot find any documentation on it either.

Here is a demo which I have been trying to get some of the functionality of: http://cesiumjs.org/WashingtonDC/

a) How do I render the models individually on such a large scale?

b) If I do this, how are each building attributed?

c) When I bring a model into Cesium it does not honour the location (kmz/dae/gltf) and I have to provide a location - how can I set this many individual buildings to display in the right location?

d) Is the script used in the example above available to use so that I can understand how it all works?

e) I can see that I can add a logo using credit.js but when I call it on the sandcastle it doesn’t fail but doesn’t show either

With 15yrs in the geospatial industry, having worked at Ordnance Survey and other big business I have LOTS of experience but trying to get ceisum up and running to show a potential CC3D client the data on a cesium globe has me flummuxed!

Any help would be appreciated.

Nick D

Hi Nicholas,

We can walk you through this process. We know all the integration steps.

Want to chat today via skype? kevin.devito1 or via phone 310-760-2556

All the best,

Kevin DeVito