Do I need Geoserver in this scenario for my website?

Hello everyone. I,m new to Cesium. The problem is I need to create website with CesiumJS and python. Also I’m using Flask. The goal is to add custom elevation on cesium globe and by drawing polygon to modify the area with python code. I need to send the area data to the backend and the python code will modify it (menaing lower the elevation or make it heigher). After processing the polygon data with Python, I should send the modified data back to the frontend to visualize the changes on the CesiumJS globe. How to do this and what extra libraries or databases I need to use? I already have the backend part ready. Need only frontend part.
In the described scenario, do I necessarily need Geoserver and if someone knows how to do this please help me. Need guidance?

Hi @Zarabotok_04,

Do you have any experience setting up web apps in general?

Geoserver is likely not necessary. You’ll need a standard web server to serve a web app that uses CesiumJS.

To send polygon data from the backend to the front end (and vice-versa), CZML, GeoJSON, and KML are standard formats that are supported out of the box with CesiumJS.