Does Anyone know when will 3D tile tool be released?

Hi Everyone.
I was impressed about the 3d display effect in both terrain and buildings on Cesium. But as a real project requests, we need a tool to convert local data to cesium 3d tile. Most samples are about how to connect the “service” of dtm and tile service. To developing the solution with Cesium, I want to know the two issues:

  1. When will the convert tool to cesium 3D tile be released? 2018 or …?

  2. If I have a DEM data in tiff format, how to put it on Cesium to replace the rough terrain?

Thank you !


Hi Willy,

You can take a look at our 3D Tiles Pioneers program, which may be of interest to you. If you are just interested in converting terrain data into a format that can be processed by Cesium, check out the STK Terrain Server.