Does Cesium render relative to center or relative to eye?

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I’ve been studying 3D rendering when you need high precision. The original creators wrote a book talking about both approaches, and I’m curious which approach Cesium found to be better.

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Just experimenting with 3D rendering. I am creating a cube face -> normalize to sphere approach. This is working well, except for the fact that when zooming in on the data, of course there is jittering. I am at a fork in the road, RTE or RTC?

Just bought the book, but going to be in the mail for a few days… so I thought I could open up a little discussion.



Hey Craig,

I believe the chosen technique is RTC - at least for 3D Tiles. You can see how the specification uses that here:

I hope this helps!

@omar FYI the precisions,precisions link did not resolve for me, is it no longer there?