Models into 3D Tile are deformed

Hi All,
I’m writing a pipeline which converts into 3D tiles buildings generated by CityEngine (a tool for procedural buildings creation from ESRI).

Input models are GLTB files and all coordinates are expressed into a metric CRS (like UTM for example).

The pipeline converts coordinates to ECEF and recenters each model on its centroid - so coordinates are relative to the center of the object and relatively small ( like in the range [-1000 … 1000]).

When resulting GLTB files are packed into B3DM files, I add an RCT_CENTER properties to the batch table containing the coordinates in ECEF of the center.

I thank, this way, I won’t have any “jittering” of the vertices.

Sadly my models are deformed; they don’t jitter a lot but they don’t look as well than before conversion. A lot of details are slightly randomly moved.

I’m wondering how I could solve this problem ?
Should I use some quantized/normalized coordinates instead of just local-metric-centered coordinates ?

Any help appreciated.

Hi @ftrastour,

Thank you for the detailed information about your use case. Is there a way that you could send us a sample file where you are seeing this behavior? That would help us as we investigate this. Feel free to email it to me directly at