does czml support an entity definition at multiple positions?

Rather than define 1500 entities that have the same billboard at 1500 different positions is there a syntax to define it once at 1500 positions? That would make the czaml drmatically simpler and smaller, and hopefully faster.

Similarly, looking at the documentation it appeared that one could define those positions as being active at different availabilities but before I charge off and do it I wanted to know if was an example of doing that.

Final aspect of the question is if there is a method of defining an entity once and giving it 1500 positions is it possible to give each of them a unique name?


A czml convert


CZML does not currently support this syntax. This is mostly because of the time-dynamic nature of CZML, it’s easier to keep each billboard separate.

For availability, check out this example:,%20Availability.html&label=CZML

We have a whole section of CZML examples in Sandcastle. Let me know if that doesn’t answer your question.



You can use CZML reference syntax to share CZML property definitions between objects in a CZML document. For example:


“id” : “document”,

“version” : “1.0”


“id”: “1”,

“billboard”: {

“image”: “


“position” : {

“cartographicDegrees”: [ -77, 37, 100000 ]



“id”: “2”,

“billboard”: {

“image”: { “reference” : “1#billboard.image” }


“position” : {

“cartographicDegrees”: [ -78, 38, 100000 ]



The “image” property of the billboard definition for object “2” will directly reference the definition of the “image” property for object “1”.

Of course in this case, the savings is minimal, but if a property’s definition is more complex (i.e. if it is time-dynamic), it can be more significant.

This only works for individual properties, such as “image”, “scale”, “color”, etc. etc. You cannot reference an entire graphics object such as a “billboard”.