Draco Compressed b3dm model fail to display with CesiumJS

1.l try to load the b3dm model which has been compressed using Draco in CesiumJS. But it shows nothing on the screen.
2.l try to debug and shows that the vertexArrays and buffers were built. l test the two models (compressed and uncompressed)in Cesium For UE4 and turns out that they are exactly the same which make sure the correct location and the integrity of datas.
3.l also find out the errors like the picture, but it doesnt show up in chrome.
4.l’m glad to share the model and thank you for anyone who have ideas of fixing this problem.
Looking forward to your replies.

attribute 1 and 3 should be COLOR and POSITION.

the picture of models in UE4 which shows up correctly.

TestModel.zip (20.7 KB)