Rendering Error when loading 3d vehicle model

Hello, I am trying to load a model into Cesium to represent an aircraft’s flight track. I have loaded the aircraft in Cesium Sandcastle and displays correctly, however, when I try and load in my app, I receive the following error message:

This only happens when I have compressed the model in Blender (an uncompressed file works fine). I have also tried with and without Draco compression when loading to My Assets in Cesium.

There is also an issue with the origin point that seems to wander when loading but in Blender has been set.

I am new to Cesium, Blender and 3D modelling / tilesets, so I would ask your patience as I tackle this vertical learning curve! :laughing:

Also, please let me know what other information you might need to help resolve my issue!

Much appreciated,

maybe the Cesium version, you’ve 1.82, latest is 1.114

Thank you Bertt! Such a simple fix! All is as it should be and all is right in the 3D world again!
Much appreciated.

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