Draco compressed model

Hi team,

I could compress the OBJ models with draco compression technique. Referred this link for draco compression : https://github.com/google/draco
and this compression has generated compressed files with drc extension.

How to load these drc files (compressed files) into Cesium app?

I think Cesium will automatically decompress Draco models inside a glTF. So you can use the glTF pipeline to compress models with Draco:

Hi Omar,

Maybe you have a solution how to have in cesium a point cloud compressed as .drc

Thank you for your help in advance.



Hey Linas,

I was going to suggest using Cesium ion, which should be able to Draco compress your point cloud, and then CesiumJS automatically knows how to decompress that. But it looks like that option currently isn’t exposed so I opened a feature request for it:


Thank you for your help Omar.