Drawing an image from a buffer?

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It seems like all of the options to draw an image on a globe use the paradigm that cesium will load the file (jpg, bmp, etc) from disk for you. I have a buffer that I did some processing on after I loaded the initial image, and I would like to display the geo-rectified result on a globe.

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No bug, just looking for help! I have no idea where to start.

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We currently have multiple applications that do different processing on geolocated imagery. Each of these applications ends with a bitmap of resultant data. We would like to draw the data on a globe (and sometimes the data isn't square, it becomes an irregular polygon), but we do have the coordinates for each corner. What's the best way to show this on the globe without writing the result to disk and then having cesium load it?

Here is an example of what I'm looking to do: https://pasteboard.co/HzcKliV.png

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Cesium 1.48
Windows 10 Enterprise
Chrome v68

Thanks! I'm happy to clarify anything.

Are the applications that generate these bitmap data on the server side or client side?

I’ve got an example of this thread that shows you how to display an image from a live canvas:


I think you should also be able to load the image into the HTML page and point Cesium to that element to display it, like in this example:

Let me know if that helps.