Raster Data Rendering.

Hi Cesium,

I have a question related to render images.
I have images come in as raster data. Example here
The real image is here (for your reference)

Assuming I don’t have the image but raster only, but I want to render this onto the Globe. What is the best way to do it.
Maybe implementing ImageryTileProvider,
but is it possible to directly draw raster data, without any conversion to Image Object or Canvas Object.

Essentially, I will have a bigger .tiff imagery and .tiff can’t render directly so their raster data will be streamed.
So my ultimate question would be if it is possible to render direct from raster data, or we have to do Image reconstruction at some point.
In which I saw a Geoserver comes in to play.

Thank you very much!

I fear you need to convert to canvas and Image Object from your raw datas. This conversion seems easy with your json. an other option is to use a geotiff parser ( https://github.com/xlhomme/GeotiffParser.js ).
With a static image, you could use http://cesiumjs.org/Cesium/Build/Documentation/SingleTileImageryProvider.html

Returning a canvas seem to be the best and fastest solution. Thanks