drillPick guaranteed order?

Question on drillPick and if there is a definitive order that it returns objects.

I have a rectangle drawing tool which the user can click and drag to draw around an area (it draws live on mousemove via a CallbackProperty). During its drawing, I use drillpick (limit 10) on mousemove (throttled) to grab this Entity and display its current area.

If I mousemove over an area that has more than 10 overlapping existing Entities then then my user-drawn rectangle isn’t returned in my drillpick. I can solve this problem by increasing my drillPick count to 100 or 1000 but that slows everything down.

Is there a way I can guarantee my user-drawn rectangle can be the 1st item in a drillPick? I have tried setting its height, extrudedHeight, zIndex but can’t seem to get my user-drawing rectangle to be at the top of the drillPick list.

Is it possible to do what I’m trying to do? Meaning can I guarantee an object will always be returned in a drillPick with a small limit (10)?

This issue seems to be specific to the Entity with a dynamic position set via CallbackProperty (its height or extruded height doesn’t seem to matter in drillPick). All of my other entities seem to be sorted as expected by their varying extrudedHeight values.

Sorry for my obscure questions. I altered our code to work with the actively-being-drawn Entity without drillPick then used drillPick to handle all the other Entities.