Dynamic buffers


We are trying to visualize weather data at NOAA and are wanting to use Cesium js. In the image below Cesium can plot 72,000 triangles in 200 ms using the primitive API. In order to update the vertex colors of the triangles, as far as I know, I need to destroy the primitive and recreate the geometry. Is that correct? This means I can only update the primitive around 5 fps (1000 ms /200 ms). I know I can load multiple geometryInstances then show/hide, however we are wanting to interpolate between data timesteps and preloading hundreds of geometryInstances would be too time consuming.

I stumbled on the dynamic buffers feature which I would believe fix our problem but I don’t think it is implemented yet. Could you provide any timeline as to when that may be available?

If you have any other ideas how we can dynamically update each vertex color I would love to hear. Thank you for any help!



Thank you for your community forum post! It seems like you are working on a really amazing project :grinning: :rocket:

To the best of my knowledge, the following assertion is incorrect:

You should be able to update your primitives iteratively, rather than destroying them and re-creating new primitives. The process of destroying and re-creating primitives is computationally intensive and will likely lead to poor runtime performance.

As for the Dynamic Buffers issue that you shared, I am unable to provide an exact timeline. Given our upcoming release of 3D Tiles Next, I would not expect this to be implemented internally in the near future. We are always happy to review community-generated pull requests!