Dynamic Camera in Unity

Hi, I can’t add Dynamic Camera in unity, is there any other way to download it? Much appreciated

Hi @AnastasiaZA,

Do you mean that you can’t add a Dynamic Camera via the Cesium window? If so, may I know what version of Unity you’re using, and what operating system you’re on?

If you can’t add it from the window, you can add it from the Project window. Go to Packages > Cesium for Unity > Runtime > Resources, and you should see the DynamicCamera prefab there.

Perfect, now it works. Thank you.
I use Unity 2021.3.16.f1

Hello,can I set my own keys to control the dynamic camera, I want to control the movement of the camera only through the mouse, just like the Scene interface controls the viewing angle, can I do it?

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Hi @kongyu,

There’s no way to modify the controls on the component itself, but you can make a copy of CesiumCameraController.cs and modify the script for your own needs.

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If the Dynamic Camera package is available for download on the unity asset store. The asset store is a marketplace where developers can find a wide range of assets, including scripts, plugins, and packages, to enhance their unity projects. Search for “Dynamic Camera” in the Asset store and see if its available for purchase or download.

“Dynamic Camera” is also the name of a prefab included with Cesium for Unity. There’s no need to download anything extra from the asset store to use the Cesium for Unity DynamicCamera.