Dynamic camera - I can't change the speed


I am using the dynamic camera and like to change the speed as I move. In short I like to move fast if I am doing a fly over or move slowly if I am close to my location.

I have increased the error rate, but it still moves very slowly.

How do you increase the speed?

Hi @zardtomcat,

The functionality you describe is built into the Dynamic Camera, so I’m not sure why it’s not working for you. Perhaps you haven’t enabled Create Physics Meshes on your terrain? The Dynamic Camera needs to raycast against the terrain to compute its distance, and then use this distance to adjust the speed.

If you are still experiencing issues after enabling Create Physics Meshes, could you share a screenshot of the settings on your Cesium Camera Controller component? Thank you!

I think I have solved it. I had put a sphere in my map with collision detection and that had slowed the camera movements. It seems to be working now, but I still include the screen shot:

There is still a problem with the mouse. I cant rotate using the mouse or keys. I can only go up/down or left/right/forward/backward. The mouse wheel doesnt do aything and there is no rotation.

Is there a way of adding rotation and zooming in/out using the mouse?