Dynamic .glb load

Unity 2022.3.0f1

I want to load the .glb file dynamically, but adding the CesiumGlobeAnchor to the GameObject breaks the loaded model.
Gltf model loader library uses glTFast for Unity.
If you do not add CesiumGlobalAnchor, the model will not break.

Since the whole code is not posted, it is the code of the relevant part.

var geoReference = FindObjectOfType<CesiumGeoreference>();
var t = mediaInfo.transform;
var go = new GameObject();
go.transform.parent = geoReference.transform;
var childGO = new GameObject();
childGO.transform.parent = go.transform;
var gltf = childGO.AddComponent<GLTFast.GltfAsset>();
await gltf.Load($"{baseURL}/download/{System.Uri.EscapeDataString(mediaInfo.fileId)}");
var anchor = go.AddComponent<CesiumGlobeAnchor>();
anchor.longitudeLatitudeHeight = new double3(t.longitude, t.latitude, t.altitude);

It’s my mistake.
The value set for anchor.longitudeLatitudeHeight was Radians. Degrees worked fine.