Earth take too long to load

I am trying to create a trajectory simulation using some trajectory data. My app creates a stop-motion animation for the entire trajectory and takes screenshots of the current scene at each step. I noticed that the Earth is missing in the first few scenes when I know it should be there. In other experiments, I have noticed that the Earth starts rendering a bit after the simulation starts. Is there a way to detect when the rendering engine and actually started rendering the Earth on screen?

You can check for this using the tiles loaded event as described here: Tile Loading Event

There’s also a tilesLoaded boolean that returns true if all tiles have finished loading in this scene. Let me know if that works for you.

This sounds like an interesting project. Is this publicly available or open source?

Thanks for the response, I’ll try it out. This is not a public project. This is a university student-led research effort to launch a satellite onboard the NASA SLS rocket for the Artemis I mission!

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I just had to giggle at the title :grin:


Is this for a specific tile on Earth? I need to know when the entire Earth has been loaded. The documentation that you linked isn’t making that clear to me.

The tiledLoaded event does what you need. From the doc:

Returns true when the tile load queue is empty, false otherwise. When the load queue is empty, all terrain and imagery for the current view have been loaded.