How to know when it's fully loaded?

I want to create a dynamic map which will change the coordinates at runtime. I’m ok with that, know I need to find a way to wait until everything is loaded. It doesn’t seem to have a blueprint event for that. There is an event when the world is updated, but not when it’s ready.
I need this event because it takes time on mobile and I want to put the user in a loading room when it’s loading.

Hi @demonixis,

Currently this is not possible in the plugin - you can see the status of the issue here.
There are also some instructions about what likely needs to be done to get this working. If you’re feeling up to it, you’re welcome to see if you can get it working and submit a PR. Otherwise, we’ll implement it when time allows.


Thanks for the info, not sure to have the time to make a proper PR, but I’ll follow the issue and maybe try something later next month.