When starting ue, it need to wait for a certain period of time instead of having it directly

I want to know if the cesium for unreal corresponding to the ue4.26 version can be used directly like importing uasset, without waiting for the loading time.Thanks for reply!

No, 3D Tiles is typically used with datasets that are far too large to load all at once, or even to store on a single system. Also, UE 4.26 is no longer supported. Current versions of Cesium for Unreal require UE 5.1+.

I wonder if a potential feature could be a cache volume.

Any tiles within the volume could be stored locally or load instantly. Of course if within reason and maybe have LOD settings, like force highest quality LOD.

I found this thread by trying to searching for a way to make the game wait until the tiles geo are fully loaded because with building experiences on top of Cesium, any characters or physics items, and even the pawn, falls through the map during the initial loading

Hi @VirtuosoCEO , you may be able to use GetLoadProgress to assist in your effort.

Ex. Wait for progress to reach 100%, then start physics for the scene.

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