ECEF data in quantized mesh tiles could not match the latitude/longitude calculated from tile x/y

for example,
we took tile (column 850, row 600, zoom 10) which is longitude 118.828, latitude 29.5352.
in quantized mesh tiles, we got
it looks like a valid ecef value near surface of earth, and convert to LLA is
Latitude : 15.55665 deg N
Longitude : 329.50194 deg E
Height : -11.1 m

it’s far from the tile’sLLA.
What did we miss in calculation?

another example data we found also doesnt match GitHub - bertt/quantized-mesh-tile-cs: A .NET Standard 2.0 library for decoding a quantized mesh tile into vertices, doesnt match centerXYZ
CenterX == 4492197.38443436
CenterY == 596134.0874495716
CenterZ == 4473851.280340988

is centerX,Y,Z ECEF? how to convert them to longitude, latitude correctly.

following tilexyzoom to LLA formulas in

everything looks perfect now


Welcome to the community :confetti_ball: I am happy to hear that you were able to resolve your issue. Thank you for posting your solution in this thread - I will refer other community members to this post if similar issues arise.