Entity(>=1) relative to entity

I like to achieve the followings:

I have 5 entities, within that 4 entities(children) position is always relative to 1 entity(parent).

For example:

Parent position is: (0,0,0)

Children position offset:
child 1: (0,0,6) --> constant offset (have to add with parent position to get the actual position)
child 2: (0,0,5) --> ‘’
child 3: (0,2,4) --> ‘’
child 4: (0,1,3) --> ‘’

then children position will be:
child 1: (0,0,6) + (0,0,0)
child 2: (0,0,5) + (0,0,0)
child 3: (0,2,4) + (0,0,0)
child 4: (0,1,3) + (0,0,0)

And with that I want to update the position of parent entity time to time.

And one of the child of the above example can also become parent of other entities at any point of time, so if update the parent entity, it should reflect it’s children and grand-children of different levels.

Can anyone help me on this?

Thank you.

You’ll have to handle this relationship/offset yourself in your app’s code. There s a PR to add relative positioning like this for entities you could test and contribute to if you can: https://github.com/CesiumGS/cesium/pull/5817

Thanks, will check what I can do.

Will update if I have something concrete.