Entity not Visually Updating when its Position Changes

Hi, i am facing issue on updating the position of entity. So recently, I am using latest cesium library which supports worker. but when entity change the position (let say live drone flight) it stucks and when i move the map / shake the map it runs again but after 2 / 3 seconds it again gets stuck please find the video URL below for more clarification.

Here is the video link :

Please help me as soon as possible Thanks

How about forcing scene.requestRender() in certain time intervals, eg. every half a second?

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Welcome to the community! I think this is a great suggestion - @Ankit_Shrivastava I am curious to hear how this works out.



How do you update the position? Is this something you do manually through the API, through CZI, or maybe a CallbackProperty? Depending on the method of updating the position depends on how Cesium is able to update the render cycle. Dragging the map is a tricky state (some things continue, other things pause), as well as maintaining a real-time (semi or otherwise) render cycle. Could you create a small Sandcastle that shows us that real-time cycle and how you update the position?



Hi sir,

Thanks for your reply, so i am using czml for playback history of my drone telemetry. i am taking the reference from cesium sandcastle example of this Cesium Demo

i am doing the same thing as mentioned in this example :

But i got what the issue i was encountered so what i did is :slight_smile:

let promise = CzmlDataSource.load(drawOps1).then(dataSourceFlight => {

  this.dataSourceFlight = dataSourceFlight
 //earlier i used this 

//and i change above line with this line:
this.viewer.trackedEntity = this.dataSourceFlight.entities.getById('path')


Now it is working.

But really thanks for your response. I am greatfull to chat with you :slight_smile:

All good; glad you figured it out.



Hi sir, i need your support on this issue : Cesium & Webpack Web worker Not updating the viewer