Cesium & Webpack Web worker Not updating the viewer

Hi all,

I am using cesium with webpack which have worker. Earlier i was using “cesium-webpack” in cesium-webpack whenever, I fast forrward timline tick its updating the viewer also, similary as shown in this sandcastle example:

but in my new cesium with webpack i am not able to do that. means viewer is not updating automatically it updating only when i shake the map.

see the video:

I am using CZML technique to plot my all polygon volume.

Also - i want to draw you attention on entity as well. If i want to change the position of any entity on real time its also not updating the viewer. untill i shake the map. or if i want to update the position on real time i have to tracked those entity only then it was updating otherwise not.

I hope you understand my issue and will revert me back as soon as possible, your response will be appriciated

Thanks & Regards
Ankit Shrivastav