Entity primitive draw order, picking, styling with overlapping entities

The nature of the data we are trying to model via cesium is such that all entities will overlap. We are attempting to navigate away from the GE plugin, but I am not seeing a means by which we can successfully overlay our data using entities in a way that is truly “readable”. I am wondering what I am missing in order to be able to accommodate our needs.

It would be useful if only the map pin “billboard” was a pickable object. Also, if the Billboard always rendered above any geometries associated with the entities, and if Billboards that exist at the same point could somehow be discerned. Labels appear to have the same issue, however for the sake of readability, we used to only show labels when the mouse was over a particular object, normal vs selected styles were quite useful in helping to keep the clutter down.

The plugin always drew map pins above any other geometries, and made it simple enough to filter out picking of geometries other than a point geometry which was always the location of a pin. Moreover, overlapping pins when clicked would spread so that you could select the specific pin of interest at that location.

Is there anyway to successfully model this behavior in cesium? All of our data is rendered in an 4km diameter circle given the nature of the system we are modeling. Any help would be greatly appreciated.