Equivalent to ION, regarding serving 3DTiles

I want to display a Cesium3DTileset dataset in my Cesium map, actually it is the same dataset as in this SandCastle example:

So I have a tileset.json and 6 .b3dm files.

Initially I was using this code:

var tileset = new Cesium3DTileset({
     url : './Tileset/tileset.json',

but obviously I now know that the 3D tiles should be serve as a streaming service, not a path to the data, am I right?

Besides, is there any alternative to Ion to create a 3D service in the same way it does exist a cesium-terrain-server: https://github.com/geo-data/cesium-terrain-server?

Thanks in advance,

Hi José,

I’m new in this area but you can check this link http://cesium.entwine.io/ i think it’s probably what you are looking for.

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