Error building ceisume 3ds tiles

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I would like to use cesium to map up to 80000 building models of 3d tiles. However,
I have difficulty raising it and leave a question like this.
Inside the 3ds file is the TM coordinate system. However, after changing this to WGS84 coordinate system and ECEF coordinate system, the file is converted to b3dm and does not come up even if it is uploaded.
Even after dividing the area by tileset coordinates, the building will not come up.
What should I do?
Thank you.

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Cesium 1.37 and chrome

  1. A minimal code example. If you’ve found a bug, this helps us reproduce and repair it.
 Attachments File

test1004.b3dm (8.31 KB)

tileset.json (384 Bytes)

tiletest.html (2.02 KB)

In the Chrome console I see the error:

[.Offscreen-For-WebGL-000001B710868940]GL ERROR :GL_INVALID_OPERATION : glDrawElements: attempt to access out of range vertices in attribute 1]

After looking at the index array of the glTF I see: [0, 1, 2, 2, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2573, 2816, 3072, 3328, 3584, 3840, 4096, 4096, 3840, 4352, 4608…]. So definitely out of range.

So the problem seems to be with the glTF, not the tileset. Hopefully that helps narrow it down.

First, answer the question.
Thanks sean
But how to modify the coordinate range in the b3dm file
I do not know.
Currently via 3dsfile belender
After converting to obj
Using obj2gltf in
After converting to objtogltf
Using Convert provided by Ceisume
I am using b3dm.
Can I put coordinates in this conversion?
Or I do not know exactly how to convert.
How can I put coordinate values ​​into this building data
I wonder if I can build the buildings I want in Cesium.
I also want to know how to build up multiple buildings after they are combined.

2017년 9월 27일 수요일 오전 8시 44분 45초 UTC+9, Sean Lilley 님의 말:

If you send over the obj I could try seeing why the conversion produced a bad result.

By coordinate values do you mean longitude and latitude?

Are you trying to combine multiple building together into the same tile?

this is my obj file and tileset.json my obj file coordinate values TM coordinate values.

Tileset coordinate values is ECEF VALUES

i want to Multiple buildings on one tile

But I am having a hard time.
Building on cesium tiles

2017년 9월 28일 목요일 오전 8시 32분 31초 UTC+9, Sean Lilley 님의 말:

11.obj (66 KB)

12.obj (16.6 KB)

tileset1234.json (391 Bytes)

Are you able to produce obj models whose vertices are ECEF instead of TM? Cesium won’t display them properly if they are in TM coordinates.

The tileset.json file looks fine.

For combining multiple buildings, you may want to combine your objs together and then convert to b3dm. But that can be done later after just getting things to work.

Thanks, Sean.
I tried hard.
But I still haven’t solved it.
I’m sorry to ask you again.
The inside of the Obj file is converted into ECEF coordinate system, but the building does not rise.

  1. Questions like this (attached test.obj file)
    After changing the ECEF coordinate system, I did not do it in Tileset.json. What should I do?

  2. Question (attached G23_0253.obj file) : https://github.controls.comgaligalGraphicsIntress-TilesetsUsersetsSpecificationPresetscriticTilesetscriticUsectricUsetesTilesetscritical
    Using the link, we removed the coordinates from inside the obj file and used them as a transform to raise the building.
    I thought we could use this transform to climb up the rest of the building.
    Is it possible to do this by removing the coordinates of the rest of the string, and then telling the difference between 0 and 0, 0, 0, and so on?
    Putting a lot of buildings on the exact coordinates. I think it’s impossible.

  3. After the question, I think I should use a batch table to post a large number of buildings without resource problems.
    How to create a layout table (how to insert a coordinate value into a 3 b3dm file)

2017년 9월 26일 화요일 오후 4시 14분 58초 UTC+9, 장장병운 님의 말:

test.obj (784 Bytes)

G12_0253.obj (14.8 KB)

  1. test.obj still looks like it’s not in ECEF. The values I see are

v -1.3196572173766555 0.698851998722264 0.251677

v -1.3196572173766555 0.6988888301460953 0.251677

v -1.3196572173766555 0.698851998722264 10.251677

v -1.3196572173766555 0.6988888301460953 10.251677

v -1.3196683129064435 0.698851998722264 0.251677

v -1.3196683129064435 0.6988888301460953 0.251677

v -1.3196683129064435 0.698851998722264 10.251677

v -1.3196683129064435 0.6988888301460953 10.251677

Which looks like longitude/latitude/height.

If they are in ECEF I would expect them to be like (1387040.2935077688, -4688910.526471681, 4081495.009672473)

(Calculated with Cesium.Cartesian3.fromRadians(5, 0.698851998722264, 0.251677))

The tileset.json that you posted before should still be ok. In that case the “region” bounding volume type is meant to be WGS84 lat/long.

  1. Is the problem with G12_0253 that all the parts of the building are on top of each other? Otherwise the file actually looks ok, but it will still need a tileset transform or use the CESIUM_RTC extension. The link you posted doesn’t work so I’m not sure if I follow completely.

  2. Yeah using a batch table is a good idea for combining multiple buildings together while making the features still unique and selectable. The spec is a good resource, but also some sample code for creating batch tables is here: The batch table is purely metadata though and isn’t involved with positioning the features, so inserting coordinate values may not be the right approach.

Thanks Sean.


How should we use them? Running with node:Note

What kind of parameter do we have to pay for the back?

2017년 9월 26일 화요일 오후 4시 14분 58초 UTC+9, 장장병운 님의 말:

I have a lot of buildings, and I have these buildings.
I want to get exactly the coordinates I want.
Before that, Sean gave me an answer, but I didn’t know how to use the batch table tiles generator.
3d-tiles-samples-generator.js in
CreateCompositiveOnstanced ()
I tried to make it and I tried to utilize it, but the building was supposed to be more than 3 or more. I’d like to put up with one of the buildings, and then I’d like to post it.
I’ll have the pictures attached.

  1. If I can solve a question with a cmpt, I would like to upload it with a large number of files that already have a large number of files.

  2. Whether or not to use the question placement table
    I don’t know how to make a creator of the source – the source analysis results.
    After using generator, gltf create to place the b3dm.
    I’m not sure. I already have a building obj file, so I have to raise it.

2017년 9월 26일 화요일 오후 4시 14분 58초 UTC+9, 장장병운 님의 말:

length error.PNG

3d-tiles-samples-generator isn’t designed for general purpose tileset creation. Instead it should be treated like example code if you were to do it yourself. So I don’t have tips for using it besides looking at the code.

Are you looking to create cmpt tiles because you have many building that use the same model?

Sorry, I’m not really sure I understand your second question.