Are my .b3dm files normal?

hi there.

My wish is to build a 3d-building in the city.

There was a problem using cesium-3dtile..

Please see if my .b3dm file is normal.

Deformed in the following order :

.3ds (use blender)-> .obj (cesium : obj2gltf) -> .glb (cesium:3d-tiles-tools-master)-> .b3dm

If the file is normal, where is the coordinates setting ?

.3ds file have coordinates(Coordinate system:TM) I can convert it into wgs84 and ECEF.

Thank you for reading.

This is File

G07_0061.3ds (9.88 KB)

G07_0061.b3dm (19.9 KB)

G07_0061.glb (19.9 KB)

G07_0061.obj (28.4 KB)

You’ll want to convert it to ECEF. The b3dm’s themselves are expected to be ECEF, no coordinate information. However you may define WGS84 lat/long rectangles for the bounding volumes in the tileset.json file.

thanks Sean

Are you saying that If I set the bounding volumes, I can make 3DTiles with that file?
Additional questions.
can i set coordinate(WGS84) to tileset.json file? I thought I was only a ECEF.

The b3dm file will need to be updated to ECEF. The tileset.json however can use WGS84 lat/long coordinates if you decide to use the “region” bounding volume type. Otherwise the “sphere” and “box” types are ECEF.

2017년 9월 27일 수요일 오후 4시 9분 14초 UTC+9, 장병운 님의 말:

This is File

부산에서 작업중인 오유상이라고합니다.
cesium 사용 관련해서 도움 구하고자합니다
b3dm파일에 ecef 형식의 좌표가 꼭 들어가야한다는 뜻인가요??