ESRI shape vector to Cesium map


Let's assume that i have a plenty ESRI shape files in region of Finland. What would be the best way to bring them on cesium map as a "offline" data (i cannot use web map servers at all the times).

I've read you have 3dtiles, czml and kml support, is there more options?
How i can convert data for examble shp to 3d tiles? is there any open sorce softwares for that?

Currently i run cesium version 1.38


I don’t know if there is open source software for converting shapefiles to 3D Tiles. We have a tool in our internal tiling pipeline for doing that (not open source), if you send over the data I could try converting it for you.

I had the same question when started my project.
For me, GeoJSON seems as the best solution.
I used QGIS ( ) for converting shp to geojson. It's opensource software and easy to convert formats (just Save as...).
Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Hi Paula

Did you find any solution how to get colors in .sld file to GeoJSON in qgis or gdal convertion?

tiistai 5. joulukuuta 2017 11.11.15 UTC+2 kirjoitti:


unfortunately no, I haven't tried anything with .sld.
All the coloring was made in the code.
I assume you need to color your entities differently according to some attribute?
If so, you can do it in a for loop.
You may want to make entities while loading GeoJSON.
I don't know how to explain this well, so you can take a look at this thread where I posted my code!searchin/cesium-dev/paula/cesium-dev/FiF8tbgoPjw/ZXHBhlhABAAJ

To clarify, I used color hash to store different colors which are assigned to different attribute values (so different color for each attribute value).
And then: entity.polygon.material = color; this line actually colors the each entity (building or whatsoever) according to a color based on attribute value.