Examples of WMS & TMS raster overlays


are their any examples showing how to use WMS or TMS tile services will cesium for unity?

I’m can’t seem to get either the CesiumWebMapServiceRasterOverlay or CesiumTileMapServiceRasterOverlay working with free tile services.

For instance, nasa have a free WMS tile service on the following url but I can’t get it working.


Using that as a tile source prevents cesium from displaying anything no matter which layer you select.

Does cesium for unity work with such data sources or are their limitations you need to be aware of.

Which layers are you trying to use with that NASA server?

As an example that we know works, you can try the following:

Base URL: http://geoserver.nationalmap.nicta.com.au/geotopo_250k/ows
Layers: Hydrography:bores

And then go to Australia. If you keep the Bing Maps overlay earlier in the list than the new WMS, it’ll be easier to find your way around. The blue dots here are from the WMS:


Hi @Kevin_Ring ,

I would like to overlay 3rd party WMTS data on a globe that is entirely displayed as in your image above. Ideally in an AR Unity scene.
Is this feasible? I would appreciate any hints very much.

We don’t have WMTS support yet. But if you can access the data with WMS or TMS then what you described should be straightforward.