[Experts] How to make this view in CesiumJS?


Hi Sosta

Is the image below what you intended?
Your question is ambiguous.

Hi @11115 ,

Yes, What is the technology used here to visualize these planes & airports and buildings?
It’s much better than OSM buildings in CesiumJS …

Thank you.

Google Earth is a 3D model based on photogrammetry. Even with photogrammetry, it is quite difficult to create a 3D model with the same quality as Google Earth. Google Earth seems to have a special processing algorithm that makes the mesh cleaner and eliminates noise. I have a lot of experience in processing photogrammetric data, but it is very difficult to process edges cleanly.

And the OSM building you mentioned is a model that is simply extruded using the footprint and height information of the building, so there is a huge difference in quality.

This is a question to chatgpt about 3D models in Google Earth.