3D buildings & city modelling using surface terrain like google earth

This is regarding having map of entire city (features like 3D buildings etc.) using 3D surface terrain and draping imagery imagery over it giving a feel of real city model.
I believe Google Earth achives a detailed city model using surface terrain approach.
I believe this can be achieved in Cesium with bit of more modifications or adding detail

1. Details we see in Google Earth can be re-produced in Cesium if worked upon
2. If you look closely the buildings are actually terrain/elevation and images draped over terrain.
3. However the terrain is so detailed that it even includes building elevations
4. Such detailed terrain is available from LanSat which can be seen in google credentials list
5. This is called Surface terrain and is usually 30 to 60 cm in detail.

Is there any plan to test "Surface terrain" based 3D mapping of a city on Cesium ?

Thanks in advance for your comments,

For 3D city mapping we are aiming more in the direction of full 3D captured with photogrammetry software like Context Capture, and rendering with 3D Tiles. We don’t currently use terrain data sources of that high detail, and I’m not sure it would be possible to render the sides of buildings with sufficient texture detail with the draped imagery approach.