How to have a map similar to the satellite 3D view from Google Maps ?

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hello, I would like to have a satellite view in 3D as in Google Maps (but desktop or App only for GMaps).
Is it possible with Cesium, on the web version in responsive ?

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i couldn't have satellite 3d view as un Google Maps and even 2D was not with high définition.
I've followed the tutorial ( )and here is my app :
I can't see the Grand Canyon the way it is drawn in the tutorial.
I only have 2D.
My purpose is to have Satellite 3D view of France and all I have is low definition and no 3D (no buildings in 3D or altitude).

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My purpose is to have view as in the attached picture like Google Maps, Satellite 3D view.

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Latest Chrome on Windows, latest Chrome on Android

Make sure you turn on the terrain, like in this part:

That’ll give you 3D terrain. Cesium uses Bing imagery by default. If you want higher resolution imagery, you can check out some of the other sources (click on the image right next to the question mark in the viewer in the top right). There’s also a tutorial for working with imagery in general:

For buildings, we’re working on adding more data sources available through Cesium ion, but in the mean time if you have your own building data, you can upload it to Cesium ion and serve it in your app that way.