Explicitly rerender billboards and point primitives


I work on an application that utilizes large quantities of billboards and point primitives (~20,000 at any given time), with about about 100 collections containing them. I am trying to make use of explicit rendering to improve performance of the application.

However, when I follow the blog post here, Improving Performance with Explicit Rendering – Cesium it does not seem to apply to billboards / point primitives being added to a pre-existing collection.

I have tried to find a workaround using postRender, here is an example:

while this does in fact stop the billboards and point primitives from being rendered, it only does so but not adding them to the scene until the next render is explicitly requested. This does not seem like it will actually improve performance upon further consideration.

So I am now out of ideas on what to try, but really hope there is a solution to this problem. If anyone has any ideas on how to explicitly render billboards and point primitives, please let me know.

Thank you