External 3D model?

Looking at the examples and playing with code, I’ve figured out how to add static primitives to the scene. What if I needed to animate those? Or, more precisely, Is there a way for me to bring a proper 3D model (wireframe + texture) from outside Cesium, place it at some world coordinates and animate it (in my own loop)? If so, where can I plug in? If not, is there a plan to support this in the future? That said, I’m not looking to model downtown Manhattan, so the number of vertices I would add would be < 100. Think “stick figure” :slight_smile:


Hi Peter,

Primitives can be changed dynamically. For example, Polyline has a setPositions function, which can be called in a custom render loop (see startRenderLoop). It should be easy to test out in the Cesium Viewer Widget example.

We have some early work in 3D models in the models branch. We plan to put significant effort to this in the next few months. See the roadmap.