rendering custom primitive in 2d/columbus view ?

Hello, Can anyone please explain to me a how would you change the regular 3d positions to send to your Vshader to work correctly in 2d/columbus view ?

Currently I’m rendering a bunch of shapes with not problem in 3d view by just computing them, sending them to the shader and multiplying them like so

gl_Position = czm_modelViewProjection * vec4(position, 1.0);

This obliviously does not work on a 2d view as the positions presume a shpere, how would I convert these positions ?

I hope to have a better suggest later, but have you tried modelling it after PolylineCollection?

Hii, thanks for the help, Yes I have tried looking into polyline collection and into outer primitives, I cant seem to pinpoint where the change is being made.

In polyline collection it seems like the collection._positionBuffer is being set by the positionArray, but I cant seem to understand what exactly sets the positionArray in different view types.