facing problems in setting cesium up

I am facing some problems in setting cesium up. I have got and build the code. And also I followed instructions given on http://cesiumjs.org/tutorials/cesium-up-and-running/ . But when I start npm from my terminal and type this in browser http://localhost:8080/Apps/HelloWorld.html ,I am getting nothing but a blank page. And also when I open http://localhost:8080/Build/Documentation/index.html I am getting the error showing below in the screenshot. I have searched a lot but I am not able to get where it is going wrong. Also on http://localhost:8080/ Tests are not running. Is it possible that there is some problem with my npm configuration?

Please help me out with this.



Hi Aaditya,

I will suggest you to use a different server like Apache instead of Nodejs, since there are only limited things that you can do with Nodejs.

Here is what you can do:

– Install Xampp(includes Apache, MySQL, FileZilla, Tomcat although you will need only Apache)

– Assign default port (8080) for Apache server

– Put your Cesium folder(unzipped) in “htdocs” folder in Xampp installation directory

– And start your Apache server using Xampp control panel

– Type the url: “localhost://Path/to/your/html page” in the browser



Thanks a lot…it worked…

hey, Does installing Cesium this way gives you ability to connect to MySQL easier?

I would recommend following the official install instructions here:

Since setting up with npm allows you to build the project correctly. You can have a MySQL or other services running on different ports, so this should be unrelated to your CesiumJS setup.