Problem with the installation of Cesium

I have problems installing cesium software on my computer. Is it installed on which operating system? Windows or Linux?

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It should work on any operating system. You may need to try clearing cache as described here:

And then make sure you have the latest version of npm installed. What do you get when you run npm -v?

Also note that if you need to get started quickly without setting up a local server, you can try using an online service like Glitch as described in this getting started tutorial:

The version of npm is node-v10.16.2-x64.msi. I am new to this world of 3D design, I don’t know how it works. Could you please guide me on this?

Apply the commands you told me and get there.

I attach the images.


I could install it with the npm install -g command.

Then try to do the next step of Start the web server by executing the command: $ node server.js, but generate an error and finally run the npm -v command.

If you can guide me how to work on this platform. I don’t know how it works, what manuals do you recommend? If you have one to read it. I have to develop 3D Model Based Spacecraft Mission Evaluation Syste.




When you ran the command npm install after the clean cache command, did it finish or did it throw another error?

I would strongly recommend trying the setup method described in the getting started guide, since it’s much easier:

Otherwise, you may find these guides helpful: